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Link to Activity Planning, Information and Resource Guide

Activity Planning, Information and Resource Guide

We encourage and welcome organizations and individuals around the country to join us in raising awareness of mental illness, treatment and research in diverse communities during this month by speaking out and reaching your local communities. This guide provides suggestions and examples connected to available resources, planning worksheets and background information to help you recognize this month in ways big and small. Host local events and activities to include and honor your diverse community and/or speak out through social media outlets to spread the word. Click the image to access (right).

Promotional posters

Available in English and Spanish in options of full page or with space to add local promotions and contact--simply click the images below to select, preview and save. Share through your electronic networks. Print in small sizes to post on a bulletin board near you or use our high-resolution PDF to print in larger sizes.

 Link to poster with promo space Link to full page poster   Link to full page poster 
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Click the images below to download and add to any promotional effort electronically and/or in print materials. Use the logo to help unite our efforts across the country.

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Promotional short video for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 2013








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Short video featuring
African American NAMI leaders'
perspectives on mental health
recovery and support.
Released Feb. 2011


Short Spanish-language video with moving testimony from NAMI Latino leaders on the hope of recovery for families and individuals living with mental illness and how NAMI can support us.
Released Oct. 2011

Short video featuring
 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender NAMI leaders and supporters sharing their experiences and perspectives on mental health
recovery and support.
Released Oct. 2012










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Click to access video  Click to access video

Amanda Wang, boxer, budding filmmaker, founder of RethinkBPD.

"This fight is the reason that I am alive" Hear the full audio.

Jessica Gimeno, former host of the Balanced Mind Foundation's
Flipswitch podcast
programming for teens and 20-somethings tells her own story of experiences at the intersection of racism and stigma.

Masipula Sithole Jr. describes the power of music in healing and demonstrates with a kalimba (also known as a thumb piano) from his native Zimbabwe. 

NAMI New Jersey's Documenting Our Presence: Multicultural Experiences of Mental Illness has been widely shown and embraced around the country. Watch the trailer and purchase the DVD here. 









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Yashi Brown recitation of her mental illness themed poem dedicated to NAMI and Project Return Peer Support Network

New York Times profile of NAMI President, Keris Myrick from the 2011 series Lives Restored. Read the associated article. 

NAMI's interview series with Latino leaders
in English and Spanish 









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Click to access video Click to access video

Created with appreciation for all who joined us in ways big and small to help spread the word about National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and take action in its name in 2012

Panel discussion held by Eight, Arizona PBS featuring Melinda Vasquez, Chief Officer of Cultural and Community Affairs for Cenpatico of Arizona, and Kurt Sheppard, CEO for Valle del Sol

Melissa Harris-Perry gives a shout-out to National Minority Mental Health Awarness Month in coverage of No Shame Day on MSNBC July 14, 2012













Webinar Recordings


Other Helpful Resources

NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center has available resources to help you successfully develop and implement organizational diversity and inclusion efforts, such as our Basic Steps for Successful Multicultural Outreach and the NAMI Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion Guide.

These materials provide a step-by-step approaches for reaching organizational goals of effective and inclusive reach of supportive programming and leadership opportunities for all individuals touched by mental illness.  Additionally, the Multicultural Action Center provides a great variety of brochures and fact sheets that specifically focus on mental health issues in diverse communities. Access these resources here.

 Contact the Multicultural Action Center if you would like permission to reprint or post any story in promotion of your local awareness campaign.  

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