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Your are not alone in this fight

Spread the word! You are not alone in this fight when it comes to mental illness.

This year we're asking you to share your story to inspire hope and break down stigma everywhere.

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Sandra's Story

You are not ALONE...I have been living with Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD.  I've had a total of five (5) burglaries and have been severely injured and NEVER taken serious, because when the Sheriff Dept. (Bun. Cty., NC) shows up, my PTSD is so high and I'm so upset, they treat me like I'm just another "CRAZY" person and my burglaries have never been investigated.  I had to take evidence to the magistrate office and have a warrant issued on two occassions and I WON. They were found guilty, even though the law said I had no evidence.  One case I'm very angry over is I took such a beating, I have severe vertigo, torn optic nerve, permanent brain damage from TIA's (minimal damage) and after I proved my case, the DA said that after speaking with the Sheriff Dept., they were giving the man a misdemeanor and suspending his case.  I can't win.  Last burglary was caught on a serveillance camera and the Det. won't release to public, after He, himself saw my posession being removed from home.  I'm not taken seriously and have written to Dr. Phil for help and told the show I have all the picture evidence, documentation and am willing to take a lie detector test.  Once I was involved in attempted rape.  A crisis team came to my aid and called for the police for help.  They came in back door behind me, put handcuffs on so tight and took me to hospital for mental evaluation.  When my clothes were removed, the nurse immediately called doctor to room to view the severe bruising on the inside and outside of my legs and you could see the bruises of the perps. kness embedded on the inside of my thighs! The doctor was furious and when I refused the rape kit, the hospital got me a taxi and sent me home.  Yet they have a big ad that they are so proud of their CIT program and how they immediately publish bugglaries to make the public aware.  Not one of my burglaries have been reported to police.  When I called WLOS to post a reward for info (a collection was taken for me) I was told they knew nothing about my situation and called me back to say the Det. told her the case was solved and I was the criminal because I was selling drugs out of my home.  This is why I have asked for a polygraph.  You may not want to hear this, but it is true.  It's disgusting how the mentally ill are treated.  This has to change and this is why I'm willing to go National on TV with Dr. Phil to see if changes can be made.  Now they are trying to put a new law in place that ANYONE with a mental disorder CANNOT have a gun permit.  All our soldiers who fought for our freedom, who come home with PTSD or depression will lose their rights to bare arms as well... WHAT A GREAT NATION! Next, we will lose our drivers lic., have to sit at the back of the bus, be put in institutions to keep society safe...I'm white and am beginning to understand how Blacks were treated for the color of their skin (and had no mental disorder)... Hope I opened some eyes, because so much more must be done and I'll do anything necessary to not let this be pushed under the rug any longer.  I could sure use some support from anyone willing to stand behind me.  PLEASE!  God Bless!


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