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NAMI offers unconditional support and hope to those affected by mental illness.

Hannah's Story

Growing up, my parents encouraged me to speak as I felt and create what I imagined. This led me to always enjoy the arts, especially theatre and writing. Regardless of how lovely my childhood was, it was also filled with heavy feelings of sadness and solitude. In the past, I have found myself unhappy in a cave of confused emotions. What lifts me from these shadow-feelings is self-expression through creation. At times when creative energy is ignited, my thoughts can race at a head-spinning pace and take me back to that place of confused darkness. What I have learned is that mental well-being is key to accessing our inner oasis of knowledge and inspiration. Without mental health, there can be no other health.

Showing our support for NAMI shines a light on our own mental strengths and what we can achieve together.

Introducing NAMI to others is a form of positive creation that has helped me establish balance in my life. When we collaborate as a team, we realize we are far from alone. I am intrigued by shared experiences and the connections we make through our feelings. As an artist, emotions are my ultimate form of inspiration. When we join together, without holding any preconceptions, to raise awareness for mental illness, we can celebrate the universal uniqueness that unites us. Showing our support for NAMI shines a light on our own mental strengths and what we can achieve together.

The effects of mental illness are experienced by all of us, either personally or indirectly: one in four adults and one in five children battle a mental illness every year. If you don’t have an illness yourself, a relative, friend or colleague most likely has been troubled. This is yet another reason why it is crucial to join NAMI in their efforts. Taking action with NAMI allows more people to seek the support they need. By creating a safe place for help and support, NAMI offers a reliable foundation for mental health and guidance. 

I wish that the people I have lost due to mental illness had found NAMI first. Now I know I can be there for people who are battling through that darkness by introducing them to the love and support of NAMI.

People are incredibly resilient. We can be strong enough and fast enough to achieve remarkable things but sometimes our limitations show through. Sometimes these difficulties come from within—genetic—and sometimes they are external—from the environment. With our progressive world cranking gears of organized chaos, our minds are faced with increasingly demanding expectations to keep up. Thanks to NAMI, everyone can find the mental strength they inherently possess and address these difficulties. 

Collaborating with NAMI to raise awareness brings me bliss. Not only does speaking up for mental illness show others they are not alone in the obstacles they face, it can also help beat down obstacles such as stigma.

That is what I appreciate most about the efforts of NAMI. NAMI offers unconditional support and hope to those affected by mental illness. By dissolving negative ideas that surround these afflictions we can support anyone. 

Ultimate power comes from harmony of the active mind. Together with NAMI we can create a balanced path for mental success


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