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NAMIWalks 2011 Printing and Collateral Pieces

Use the files below to download the available print materials for the 2011 NAMIWalks.

Please read these Printing Instructions first.


Kick Off Luncheon


Letterhead, Envelopes and Related

Walker and Team Forms


Collateral Pieces

Spanish Materials

Related Files

2012 Walks Brochure (Simple) (PDF File)
2012 Walks Brochure (Simple) for Printer (WinZip File)
2011 2-Color KOL Invitation Front (PDF File)
2011 2-Color KOL Invitation Inside (PDF File)
KOL 2-Color Invitation (Zip File) (WinZip File)
Walks Poster 11x17 (PDF File)
KOL Invitation 1 Color (PDF) (PDF File)
KOL Invite (Zip File) (WinZip File)
WALKS Poster 8.5 x 11 (PDF File)
Look Whos Walking Poster - 1 Color (PDF) (PDF File)
WALKS Poster 8.5 x 11 (Zip File) (WinZip File)
Look Whos Walking Poster - 1 Color (Zip File) (WinZip File)
Look Whos Walking (Espanol) (PDF) (PDF File)
Look Whos Walking (Espanol) (Zip file) (WinZip File)
WALK 8.5x11 Poster (Espanol) (pdf) (PDF File)
WALK 8.5x11 Poster (Espanol) (Zip file) (WinZip File)
WALK Simple Brochure (Espanol) (pdf) (PDF File)
WALK Simple Brochure (Espanol) (Zip File) (WinZip File)
WALK KOL Invitation (Espanol) (pdf) (PDF File)
WALK KOL Invitation (Espanol) (Zip file) (WinZip File)
10 Pasos Clave...(10 Ways to Raise Money in Espanol) (Word doc) (Word Document)
Camisetas (WORD doc) (Word Document)
Forma de Registro (Word doc) (Word Document)
Forma de Membresia (word doc) (Word Document)
Sponsorship Brochure (pdf) (PDF File)
Sponsorship Brochure for Printer (Stuffit File (Mac))
KOL 1 Color Postcard (pdf) (PDF File)
Newspaper Ad-Printer (WinZip File)
Team Captain Envelope (PDF File)
Save the Date Postcard (PDF) (PDF File)
Save the Date Postcard-Printer (WinZip File)
KOL 1 Color Postcard for Printer (Stuffit File (Mac))
2011 Walks Poster 11x17 (zip) (WinZip File)
11x17 Poster (Espanol) (PDF File)
5.75x4.875 BW Ad (PDF) (PDF File)
4x9 Promo Piece-Printer (WinZip File)
11x17 Poster (Espanol) (zip) (WinZip File)
4x9 Promo Piece (PDF) (PDF File)
Walk Information Sheet 2012 (Word Document)

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