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As a service to you, the NAMIWalks program has provided a number of templates for your print material needs. These are professional-looking materials that you can use to recruit WALK sponsors, team captains, and volunteers to grow your individual WALK. We strongly encourage you to use these templates.
(You may also obtain these print instructions by downloading the Word document at the bottom of this page.)


  • Open the pdf file.
  • Print the document.
  • Handwrite any changes that need to be made to individualize these materials for your       WALK site.
  • Send the handwritten changes for the pieces to your National WALK Manager (NWM) for submission to our design support person.  A draft copy will be sent to you for approval before the final copy and the printer’s file are forwarded to you.
  • Send the final copy (in PDF format) along withthe Stuffit files for each piece to your local printing company that you have chosen to produce your materials.
  • Be sure that nothing goes to print without a thorough review and approval by you.
  •  Please note: we encourage you to consult with your NAMIWalks National ManagerPRIORto going to print to discuss the use and quantities of the materials.

The sections below will help you…



We encourage you to use a professional printer to produce these materials. Be sure to request that the printer provide the services as an In-Kind donation or give a discount for your non-profit organization before agreeing to pay full price. Printing can be expensive but this is why we encourage you to start recruiting WALK Sponsors early in the process.

We encourage you to put a “bid” out to multiple vendors to get the best deal. Cost, quality and time to complete the project should all be considered when selecting a printer. Be clear as to your timeframe for having the printing of the material completed allowing time to modify the template per your site’s needs and any delivery time as well as the actual time to print.

Whichever printer you decide to use, be sure that nothing goes to print without a thorough review of the product and that all edits or changes are done to your specifications and approved by you.


All the printing recommendations listed here start with some "best guess" assumptions that we make about the size of each walk in terms of the dollars it will raise and the estimated number of walkers that we think it will have. If the estimates for your walk are significantly different from your own estimates, please contact your NAMIWALKS Regional Manager to discuss why that might be.
Here's a quick summary of our thinking on this subject:

  • We would much rather have materials left over after a walk than have to go back and reprint materials during the weeks leading up to the event. Reprinting printing materials (i.e., going on press twice) is almost always far more costly than printing more materials in one larger run at the beginning of the process. Also, there is often a lag time between running out of materials (or realizing you are running out of materials) and having more printed. This lag time can kill your fundraising momentum in many cases.
  • Once you go "on press" the cost per unit printed drops quickly as the quantity being ordered goes up. For example, the cost of 1,000 additional brochures if you decide to print 3,000 rather than 5,000 is usually relatively small, especially in comparison to the fundraising return that those additional brochures have the potential to generate for you.
  • We strongly recommend that you always get competitive bids whenever you print walk materials. Three is our recommended number of bids.
  • The idea behind printing large quantities of materials is that as you run the program effectively (i.e., recruit large numbers of team captains and get large numbers of folks to attend your kickoff) you will need lots of materials for it. The more materials you put into the hands of your team captains the better. Your job then becomes teaching those team captains how to use the materials to recruit large numbers of walkers. The walker brochure, in particular, is an important piece because it can be used by team captains and walkers in so many different ways. For example, team captains are encouraged to give every potential walker for their team (including coworkers) a walker brochure so that they are at least aware of the walk and have the ability to sign up for it.
  • The print materials that you use are not only important for team-building and fund-raising reasons, they are also important for public awareness. Giving the materials to potentialsupporters is a great way to increase awareness about NAMI and its mission. The walker brochure is also a good piece for people doing letter-writing campaigns to use. They can put a brochure in every letter that they send out so that the people that they are mailing to will have a greater understanding of the walk and can actually sign up for it themselves if they are interested in doing so. If your team captains and letter-writers use the brochures this way, they will use A LOT OF THEM, and you will need to PRINT UP A LOT OF THEM.
  • Seven to eight weeks (the recommended timeframe between your kick-off luncheons and your walks) is A LONG TIME. You and your walk team captains andsupporters (ex. businesses and service providers) should be distributing and using lots of walk materials over this time period if you are out there aggressively promoting the walk and recruiting teams and walkers.


--Sponsorship Brochure
--Team Captain Kick-Off Luncheon Invitation
--Walker Brochure
--WALK Poster(s)
--“Look Who’s Walking” Poster
--Team Captain Envelope

In preparation for your Team Captain Kick-Off Luncheon Event, the timeline for your printing:

  • MAIL:5-6 weeks out: Mail or Email letter to KOL invite list that invitation is coming
  • PRINT:5-6 weeks out: print formal KOL invitations sent to your printer
  • MAIL:3-4 weeks out: mail formal invitations mailed to your KOL invitation list
  • PRINT: 3 weeks out: print WALK brochure/poster/envelopes to printer

When you have all the printed materials in hand, you can begin to assemble your Team Captain folders. See the NAMIWalks 2012 Folders section for those additional materials.

Hint: As you set deadlines for printing allow for extra time. Don’t set your deadlines so tight that you don’t have some “wiggle room” for problems with the design, problems with printing, and last minute sponsor additions!

Team Captain Kick-Off Luncheon Invitations

You have two options with the Kick-Off Luncheon invitations:

  • A formal invitation (5x7 when folded), sent in a printed envelope (A6), with a reply card (5x3¼) and reply card envelope (5¾ x 3¾).
  • A postcard invitation (8x6)

You can send one or both of the Kick-Off Luncheon invitations. It is up to you and what you want your invitations to look like and your available financial resources.

Walks Brochure

This is the brochure that is given to all potential walkers. It is both a walker recruitment piece and a practical piece that walkers use to register for the walk and keep track of their donations. It is also the piece that walkers will turn in prior to or on the day of the walk.

Recommended printing quantity is 10% of whatever the overall dollar goal is for a walk. For example, if the dollar goal is $100,000, then we recommend that a site consider printing 10,000 walker brochures. A walk that has a $50,000 goal would print 5,000 brochures, etc. etc.

State WALKS that have large mailing lists or WALKS with numerous affiliates involved in their event should consider printing 12% to 15% of their total dollar goal since mailing brochures to their mailing list and distributing them to all their affiliates may use up a large number of brochures. So for a $100,000 WALK we would suggest that you print 12,000 to 15,000 of these brochures.

Sponsorship Brochure

This brochure is the primary piece of print material that you will use to explain about NAMI and about your WALK to potential sponsors of your event. This template is made to minimally modified to highlight your local WALK.  Work with your National WALK Manager to get the local details incorporated in the piece by our designer and to determine the quantity needing to be printed.  We have been very successful in getting the printing of this piece for free or at a very reduced cost due to the intended audience for this piece.

WALK Site Poster (11 x 17 & 8.5 X 11)

This poster is a fairly traditional poster for special events of this type. It is recommended that walk coordinators consider printing up 10% of whatever the total number of walker brochures they plan to print. Have a $100,000 walk goal? Plan to print up 3,000 walker brochures? Then the recommended number of posters would be 10% of your brochure total or 300. Plan to print up 1,000 brochures, then the recommended number of posters is 100. One caveat: if a walk site has a lot of volunteers and those volunteers plan to create awareness for the walk by focusing their efforts on placing as many posters as possible in storefront widows, than that site should factor these plans into their poster order and have more printed.

“Look Who’s Walking” Team Poster (11 x 17)

This is a poster that a team captain can use to keep track of the walkers on his or her team. Generally it is placed in a highly visible area. Typically these posters are placed in locations like: the coffee room or the cafeteria of a business office, on the door of someone’s personal office, or by the entrance to their cubicle, or on the refrigerator in the family home. The team captain writes the names of the walkers who they sign up for their team on this poster. The idea is that once people see others signing up for the event (andsupporting whomever the team captain might be), they will be much more likely to sign up themselves or sponsor someone with a donation.

Each Team Captain usually just needs one Look Who’s Walking on My Team poster, but since they should be included in the Team Captains folders that will be sent/given to people who are unable to attend the kickoff, it is recommended that smaller walks (say in the $25,000 to $75,000 range) order 100 copies of this poster and larger walks order 200 or more. Walk coordinators working on walks that they hope might raise $250,000 or more might consider ordering 300 copies of this poster.

Team Captain Collection Envelope (13 x 15)

This is a large 13” by 15” envelope that team captains can use if they would like to collect their walkers’ money before the Walk. There are lines on the front of it were the team captain can write the name of the walker and the amount he or she raised. Team captains can do this during the days leading up to the Walk, or the morning of the event. Walk managers should encourage team captains to do this because it reduces the number of walkers checking in the morning of the walk.

Collateral Pieces

The collateral pieces can be used at your discretion.  Please consult with your National WALK Manager if you have any questions as to why, how or when you might find any of these pieces valuable to your effort. We will assist on the modification of these pieces as well if you wish us to do so.


We encourage WALK sites to recruit Sponsors early in the WALK season to bring in funds that will help to defray the costs associated with putting on a WALK (printing, Kick-Off Luncheon, postage, etc.) You can use your printing deadline as an incentive for your potential Sponsors to get them to confirm early.
As you close in on your printing deadlines, you need to get your logos from your sponsors. The great majority of printers work with MAC-based computer programs (stuffit file). You will most likely NOT be able to open a .sit file on your PC but you can forward files from the Sponsor to the printer without opening it.
What you need to get from your Sponsors is a high-resolution (large “psi”) file (.eps, .ai, .ps). You will also need small files (.jpg, .gif, .bmp) to upload your sponsors’ logos onto your NAMIWalk web site (

Related Files

NAMIWalks Printing Instructions 2012 (PDF File)

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