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Walk-Manager Knowledge Base

  • How do I make edits to my Walk site's webpage?

  • How do I get the fundraising goal and/or thermometer onto the webpage?

  • How do I access the NAMIWALKS Manual?

  • How do I access the NAMIWALKS folder inserts?

  • I have forgotten the Admin Code. How do I get it?

  • How do I edit sponsorship information?

  • How do I delete a team?

  • How do I delete a walker?

  • How do I obtain the NAMIWALKS logo?

  • Where can I find the NAMIWALKS artwork for materials that must be printed locally?

  • How do I add offline donations to our total?

  • How do I access the various reports about my Walk?

  • How do I add a new sponsor to our Walk's webpage?

  • How do I set up a separate website for my WALK?

  • How do I revise or change a team's name?

  • How do I send an e-mail to all my team captains?

  • Help! The changes that I've made to my Walk page are not showing up.

  • What do I do with an "Undeliverable: NAMIWALKS Registration Confirmation" e-mail?

  • How do I change who is team captain?

  • How do I deactivate last year's sponsors to begin anew for this year?

  • How do I change the photo on our WALK's homepage?

  • How do I get NAMIWALKS letterhead and envelopes?

  • How do I add an affiliate to the drop down list for walkers to choose?

  • Who can enter offline dollars / offline donations?

  • How can I improve the clarity of my sponsor logo?

  • Your walker's e-mail is bouncing.

  • How do I obtain the "short link" address to our WALK's homepage?

  • Why do I get a dotDefender message on the website?

  • How do I revise or change a team's affiliate?

  • How do I determine the donations associated with a disbursement?

  • How do I obtain the contact information for my team captains?

  • The Affiliate Site Link I entered is not working.

  • How do I post our affiliate website address on our Walk page?

  • How do I, the Walk Manager, create a Super Team?

  • How do I post a video or PSA on our web page?

  • How do I change who is the team captain of a Super Team?

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