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Recovery for All: January 2008

Special Issue: The 2008 Presidential PrimariesUS flag
Bringing Mental Healthcare to the Ballot

In 2008, our nation will elect a new president. The NAMI Multicultural Action Center encourages you to be a knowledgeable and informed voter—and to make a difference by expressing your views and questioning candidates on mental health issues. In this special issue of Recovery for All, the Multicultural Action Center has partnered with NAMI's Policy Department to bring you tools to help you exercise the power of your voice and vote.

Take It to the Streets: A Message from Nancy CarterNancy Carter

Last Sunday I prayed. Next Tuesday I vote. Join me, encourage other NAMI members, send e-mails to all your friends. Take people to their polling places. Do whatever you can to make a difference. Let us use this time in history to end stigma and discrimination of individuals with mental illness by being heard... 


(click here for the full article)

How the Presidency Affects You

Living with mental illness?  Love someone who does?  You may not realize it, but the presidency makes a big difference in your life because our President oversees federal agencies that direct most of the funding our nation spends on mental health care and the rules that impact services and supports for people living with mental illness. 

Today’s presidential candidates have opinions on programs and issues that affect your life or the life of someone you care for. Get involved and find out what they think: 

  • Register to vote If you’re not registered yet or you need to update, you can do it here (please note that many states registration deadlines may have already passed).
  • Visit our Explore the Candidates page to learn what presidential candidates are saying about mental health. 
  • Ask a question of pollsters, on the internet, or at candidate forums. Check out our Candidate Questions or pick one thing to do from “Ten Simple Ways to Make a Difference.
  • Contact the candidates.  Let candidates know how important mental health issues are to you as a voter. 
  • Wear a button Sport a bumper sticker. Download “Mental Health Care Gets My Vote!” templates for buttons, lapel stickers, rally signs and bumper stickers and have them printed by a local or national vendor. 
  • Once you have gained the necessary information to make your decision, cast your informed vote! 

If you have questions, or for more information, please contact Angela Kimball, NAMI's Director of  State Policy, (703-859-4142 or or

NAMI does not endorse specific candidates nor attempt to influence how our members vote in Presidential, Congressional or other elections.  Information posted on the website is intended solely for educational purposes. 

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