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Social Media Planning 

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs are a great way to get the message out during National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. You can plan your own social media campaign, share the messages we post on the National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month page or use the messages and images we offer below.



Feature National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month through status updates, stories, pictures, videos, and sharing links to external websites or other users’ content. 


Suggested Posts

The following phrases are examples of what you can share in social messaging. Use them as they are or make them your own. Remember to add tags (@) to the National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month page and specific individuals or organizations involved in your community, links to external content, photos, etc. 

  • Mental health affects all of us. Learn about it at
  • If one in four people experience a mental health problem in this country, why don’t we hear about these illnesses more often? Get informed at
  • Mental health matters to me. I invite you to learn more about it and help me celebrate National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.
  • To deal with a mental health problem is already hard enough for anyone. Why do people from diverse communities have to experience additional barriers to treatment and receive poorer quality of care? Get informed at
  •  July in National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Help us raise awareness. Share your story at
  • In the USA, a person dies from suicide every 15 minutes. People from diverse communities are no exception. Learn how to help at
  • People living with mental illnesses, particularly people of color, have increased risk for other illnesses such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Learn more at
  • Half of all cases of mental disorders begin by age 14 and three-fourths by age 24. Learn more at
  • Research shows that for every $1 invested in prevention and early treatment programs, $2 to $10 could be saved in related costs including criminal and juvenile justice, educational and lost productivity. Learn more at 

Please remember to post a comment to our timeline to tell others what the month means to you, share your plans and support posts made by others!






















Utilize this fast-paced newsfeed format to share concise 140-character updates (tweets) with a huge community of individuals, celebrities, community leaders, businesses, non-profit organizations and media outlets. It is a real-time and fleeting way to create a buzz around your messaging.  Use the tag below for all your month long Tweets:



Suggested Tweets

Many messages and quotes shared in this guide can be shortened to use within Twitter’s 140-character limit—some suggested for Facebook are already short enough! Borrow these phrases or make them your own. Remember to use #MinorityMentalHealth, retweet posts with that hashtag and tag (@) other users, links to external content, photos, etc.

  • July is #MinorityMentalHealth Month! Check out to learn more about it.
  • Take the #MinorityMentalHealth month pledge to make a difference in the lives of people with #mentalhealth problems.
  • #Mentalhealth problems affect everyone. People from diverse communities are no exception. Inform yourself at
  • Mental illness costs society over $100 billion each year. Learn how it affects your community at
  • Minorities have less access to care and receive poorer quality of care. Help change this. Learn more at
  • Minorities are less likely to seek #mentalhealth care. Help eliminate the stigma & lack of info that foster this



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