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Fallen Riviera: Another World Proposes a Turning Point

The members of Fallen Riviera. (Photo: Courtesy)

By Katrina Gay, NAMI Director of Communications

Just as to many NAMI is more than a lifesaver or a movement, it is a family, musicians and bands often find that their group extends beyond the stage or studio; they become a family. They often bond as not just band members but also with one another’s family members.

So it is not surprising, then, that each of the band members of Fallen Riviera were deeply affected by the death by suicide of former band member Mike Sutherland’s brother-in-law, following his struggles with depression.

“Unfortunately, he took his life and it has had a big impact. It stuck with us,” shared band member Will Parry in a recent interview with NAMI.

Although the band’s composition has changed slightly, they are all still close with one another and with their extended families. And so when it came time to plan the group’s first album release party, they turned to NAMI and determined to add a charity component to their event in order to help raise awareness about depression and other mental health conditions.

A Los Angeles-based pop-rock band, Fallen Riviera is poised to celebrate the release their first debut album, Another World, at The Mint in Los Angeles on March 8, 2013. Their headliner set begins at 10 p.m. Fifty percent of album sales at the event will be donated to NAMI.

“We want to help NAMI continue doing what they do, in helping people figuring out the why when our loved ones struggle,” said Parry. “In our case, people are still asking themselves why. And in our own search to understand, we found out about the work NAMI is doing and wanted to support their efforts.”

Fallen Riviera’s first EP Six Mines was ranked Album of the Year by Music Connection Magazine and awarded them the Lauren Picard Emerging Artist of the Year Award at Cornell University. “We try to keep it honest and write songs that mean something to us and to others and rock out to it,” shared Parry.

Their debut album Another World showcases their growth as a band and their versatile songwriting chops. It features inspiring lyrics and melodies, soaring vocals and top-notch musicianship.

Fallen Riviera’s promise to their music extends to their commitment to help people understand—that depression is a real thing, that it is so often tragically misunderstood and that awareness, true awareness, is critical to helping people who are in need treatment seek it and find it.

“This album is really a turning point for us in that we feel it really defines who we are and what direction we are taking,” said Parry.

And in addition to the band’s musical direction, NAMI is grateful that Fallen Riviera is directing awareness to helping others. In doing so, they strive to help others find their own turning point.

Learn more about Fallen Riviera, their music, tour and album by following them on Facebook.

Copyright Date: 03/04/2013

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