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Afternoon Workshops 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Stop Scrambling, Start Bringing Home The Bacon!

Fundraising is essential to the survival of every non-profit organization. Unfortunately, too many leaders spend too much time “scrambling” to raise funds without really mastering the essential skills to “bring home the bacon.” In this workshop, get the complete overview of what you need to do as well as the key steps you can take for achieving long term sustainability. Ideal for those who are new to fundraising as well as experienced professionals who want to compare their current strategies to some of the new methods that will be presented. With templates, examples, focused advice and deliberate practice, you will leave the workshop ready to assess, assemble and monitor a fundraising plan to ensure that your organization can have a prosperous future.

Start Your Learning Now

Here’s Your Invitation
Here’s why you should join us.

Get a Clear Picture
Before you come to this workshop, take a few minutes toassess the current state of your fundraising processes and activities within your organization. You will receive a summary of your responses by email which we encourage you to bring to the workshop. Together, we will look at and use your responses to help you craft a stronger plan to achieve your goals.

Summit Materials

Stop Scrambling, Start Bringing Home the Bacon! - Workshop PowerPoint

Stop Scrambling Fundraising Workbook 

Fundraising Plan Activity Guideline - Organize your upcoming Fundraising plan, individual responsibilities, expenses, financial goals and more.

Foundation Grant Toolkit - Foundation Grants: Steps to Success!

Chrissy Thornton serves as one of NAMI's National WALK Managers. In this role she guides and consults with leaders across the country on the execution of their signature NAMIWalks events, fundraising, board and leader development and donor cultivation. Chrissy loves bringing her high energy and creativity to all aspects of fundraising and enjoys the design, facilitation and execution of large-scale events. She always makes it her business to bring home the bacon.

Engaging More Communities with More Ease (OR How to Get Younger and More Diverse Communities to Join You!)

As busy leaders you are challenged to accomplish monumental tasks with ever shrinking resources. In the past, we have added efforts to target specific demographic groups when we’ve launched a new NAMI program or a specific advocacy effort. And while that makes sense in many ways, is there an easier way to do this? Yes! In this workshop you will learn what you can do right now to creatively tweak the programs and tools you have (with some planning pearls o’ wisdom) so you can attract and successfully engage youth, young adults and racial and ethnic communities into your programs and volunteer work force. Finally, there’s an easier way to use existing NAMI programs and resources to bring audiences that have not always ‘been at the table’ to your table!

Start Your Learning Now

2012 Millennial Impact Report (full report and summary report available)
Thisreport shares how Millennials, young adults ages 20 to 35, communicate and connect with non-profit organizations and social causes. Millennials are future donors, volunteers and leaders. Engaging them is key to NAMI’s long-term success and strengthens our movement.

More on Millennials
Read this article to learn how diverse this generation is and how it compares with other generations.

The Power of Words
This short YouTube video clipis a reminder that words matter and how we use words and the language we use can make a big difference in our ability to reach people. This is especially true for young adults in diverse communities.

Download, Print and Bring the following handouts to the workshop:

Workshop Facilitators:

Teri Brister serves as the Director of Content Integrity for NAMI’s Education, Training and Peer Support Center. In this capacity she oversees the content of all NAMI Signature programs as well as the framework of how they are offered in the field from training leaders to providing information to participants. She enjoys working with field leaders to incorporate their needs at the local levels into the workings of the program to insure that the powerful, life changing NAMI materials reach as many individuals living with mental illness and families as possible.

Majose Carrasco serves as the Director of the NAMI Multicultural Action Center. In this role, she oversees NAMI’s internal and external efforts to become a more diverse and inclusive organization. Majose enjoys working with the field to develop skills and tools needed in order to successfully engage diverse communities and providing support and leadership building opportunities to NAMI leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Darcy Gruttadaro serves as the Director of NAMI’s Child & Adolescent Action Center. In this role, she coordinates NAMI’s policy, advocacy and program activities focused on improving the lives of children, youth, young adults and their families. Most recently, Darcy has focused on building NAMI’s support for college students through the NAMI on Campus Club program and support for young adults through social media campaigns and creating web-based communities and materials for youth and young adults.

The Urge to Converge: How to Strategically Integrate Grassroots and Social Media Energies

Social media has dramatically accelerated expectations and opportunities through online, social channels. For NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates who are already using Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, this workshop will show you how to “up” your strategy game. Learn the principles for merging your organization’s strategy with how you manage your social media. Identify your decision points and their implications. Explore ways to shift attention to your goals by “listening” to your communities. You’ll leave with a much clearer idea of how to reset your social media strategy to give you the results you desire.

Start Your Learning Now

Facebook Tips for Nonprofits
Watch this four minute videoand learn some easy tips for your NAMI State Organization or NAMI Affiliate Facebook page.

Social Media NAMI Style
Read the chapter in our PR toolkit on Social Mediato learn more about why your Social Media presence matters plus access to free online tools.

Workshop Facilitator:

Katrina Gay serves as the Director of Communications. In her role, she oversees strategic and operational communications initiatives including leadership oversight of the website content, media relations, public relations, marketing, publications, the HelpLine and social media. Katrina strives to remain abreast of trends and opportunities in the field, primarily focusing on changing definitions of community, social engagement and trends through her association with other communications professionals.

Now That You Have Volunteers, What Do You Do With Them?

Recruiting the volunteers you need for your NAMI Affiliate is only one step in running a successful volunteer program. Once you have volunteers on board, you will need to keep them motivated with training, ongoing communication, supervision, evaluation and recognition. This workshop is geared towards NAMI Affiliates who have brought volunteers in the door and are now ready to develop volunteer management practices and an action plan for running a great and sustainable volunteer program.

Start the Learning Now

First, Get Your Volunteers Recruited
Watch this 20 minute session summary on YouTubeand use the belowworksheets from last year’s Change the FRAME workshop, Getting the Work Done: Recruiting the Volunteers You Need for Your NAMI Affiliate. At this year’s workshop on June 27th, you’ll build from this foundational step by exploring effective ways to manage those volunteers you’ve just recruited.

NAMI Affiliate Volunteer Needs Assessment Worksheet

Volunteer Activity Worksheet SAMPLE Template

Volunteer Activity Worksheet

Download, Print and Bring the following handouts to the Workshop:

Summit Materials

Volunteers - Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

Workshop Facilitators:

Liz Smith is the Director of NAMI’s Center for Excellence. Along with the CFE team, she provides technical assistance, resources and tools needed by NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates to build organizational capacity. Liz enjoys using her extensive experience in nonprofit volunteer and leadership development and to help organizations move forward on the path to excellence.

Jinneh Dyson is a Senior Manager with NAMI’s Center for Excellence, and works with targeted NAMI State Organizations to develop organizational capacity and find solutions to the challenges they face in today’s economic environment. As the former Executive Director of NAMI Oklahoma and NAMI Greater Houston, Jinneh will bring her valuable experience to her new role with NAMI.



Related Files

Volunteers PPT (PowerPoint)
Stop Scrambling Fundraising Workbook (PDF File)

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