Grading the States 2006
The Nation's Voice on Mental Illness
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Grading the States 2006: Donate

NAMI needs your help today.   As Grading the States: A Report on America's Health Care System for Serious Mental Illness reaffirms, our nation's mental healthcare systems are "in shambles."  

Research shows that treatment works -- if you can get it.   But in America today, it is clear that many people living with the most serious and persistent mental illnesses are not provided with the essential treatment they need.  As a result, they are allowed to falter to the point of crisis. 

The outcome of this neglect and lack of will by policymakers is catastrophic.  The number of people with serious mental illness incarcerated in jails and prisons is on the rise.  Emergency room use is increasing.  The availability of housing is being threatened.  Increasingly, access to effective treatments is being limited by many state governments.

With your help NAMI can, over time, drive the creation of mental healthcare systems in all states that are not "patchwork relics," but rather systems of hope, opportunity, and recovery. Your tax-deductible donation will be put to good use right away in helping NAMI achieve the goals and vision of Grading the States.

Support NAMI and help us bring hope and recovery to millions of people living with mental illness. 

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