A Report on America’s Health Care System for Adults with Serious Mental Illness
Grading the States 2009: A Report on America’s Health Care Sytem for Adults with Serious Mental Illness
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NAMI's Recommendations for States and the Federal Government

In Conclusion

In 2002, during a time of relative economic prosperity, the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health concluded that, "America's public mental health system is in shambles." Today, with the nation’s economy in distress, it might be easy to assume that meaningful improvements to the mental health system are nearly impossible. Yet, during difficult times, services are even more critical. Adoption of the recommendations set forth above would make significant strides towards creating a public mental health system that is both responsive to the people in need of its services and cost-effective. This opportunity for meaningful change cannot be missed.

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"Recovery is a healing and growth process of gaining or developing assets-emotional, spiritual, vocational, and psychological."
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Mike Fitzpatrick, NAMI Executive Director

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