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Laugh a Little Bit with Please Like Me

By Joni Agronin, NAMI Communications Coordinator

Courtesy of Pivot TV

Our goal at NAMI is to do everything we can to improve the lives of those with mental illness and the lives of their loved ones. We provide support and information, we raise public awareness to reduce stigma and we advocate for better treatment and care in all facets of life.

But sometimes, our own personal battles are overwhelming and it’s hard to focus on advocating. In those moments, I believe one of the best things we can do for ourselves and for our loved ones is to take a step back and laugh a little bit.

Please Like Me, is a TV show following the awkward experiences of Josh who is trying to figure out how to balance his mother who lives with bipolar disorder along with his friends, finding his sexual identity, overcoming insecurities and navigating unimaginably uncomfortable social situations including babies, pet rabbits, ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, grown men dressed as frogs, female menstruation, and more.

Writer, creator and star Josh Thomas draws on his personal experiences with a parent living with a mental illness to inspire his storylines and tactfully portray difficult moments that anyone who has firsthand experience with mental illness will relate to.

The way that Josh is able to address his mother’s illness and her subsequent journey to recovery in each episode is incredibly unique and definitely outside of the box.

Please Like Me lives in that perfect space where it is somehow okay to argue about who is the “most sane” person in a room, because Josh’s character has been there. Much in the same way that you can make fun of your little brotheróbecause he’s your brotheróbut if someone else were to do the same, it wouldn’t be OK.

Even in the tougher scenes, like talking to his mom about her suicide attempt, Josh is able to take that range of raw emotion and display it in a way that is honest and real, revealing personal thoughts we may not even want to admit we have experienced.†

So if you want a good laugh, you should check out Please Like Me, starting tonight, Friday, Aug. 8 at 10:30 E/P on Pivot TV. You can also follow @NAMICommunicate and @Pivot TV as we tweet along with the second episode, live next Friday, Aug. 15 with the hashtag #PleaseLikeMe.

And for a sneak peak, check out this Behind-the-Scenes clip from Season 2 of Please Like Me:


Please Like Me is presented by Pivot TV, where what you watch does make a difference.† If the issue of mental health is important to you, Pivot and NAMI want you to say something. Take action and sign our joint petition calling on Congress to create comprehensive mental health legislation.

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